Chef: Karina & Maria Bruun

Kitchen: organic falafel, salad and juices



You might already know The Organic Boho from the restaurant in Prinsessegade in Copenhagen now you can enjoy their future friendly food served from their colorful food truck at The Bridge Street Kitchen.

The Organic Boho is an organic and vegan food concept developed in Ibiza by the two Danish sisters Karina & Maria Bruun. The concept is holistic thought out and moves within the following communities: Vegan food, sustainability, yoga, animal welfare and music.

Thus, the sustainable bohemian lifestyle is reflected in the menu, where you find delicious organic vegan falafel and salad and fresh juices – everything is homemade and made on 90-100 pct. organic produce and local ingredients – when possible.

The Organic Boho holds the high intention to be of service to all by inspiring health and sustainability of our planet, as well as each individual personal growth.