Pal’ Pueblo by PMY

Chef: Karlos Pontes, Diego Muñoz & Emilio Macías

Kitchen: Latin America

Options: Ceviche, empanadas & juice



How do you eat like a local if you were in Latin America?

Pal’ Pueblo aims to bring the flavors of the daily South American street to Copenhagen. The ambition is to provide honest, flavorful and authentic Latin American street food.

Enjoy Peruvian ceviche – street food style in different versions or try the Venezuelan empanadas – a Caribbean classic dish in Venezuela! The empanadas are made of corn flour dough stuffed with all crazy super flavorful mixes of proteins. Try e.i. an Asado Negro – a classic Venezuelan beef braised in dark beer, panela and organic meat.

Quench the thirst with a Mexican juice called Tepache – a fermented beverage made from the peel and the rind of pineapples, sweetened either with piloncillo, seasoned with powdered cinnamon and served cold.